Apply a CHANGEABLE ONCE ONLY INITIALLY to clean, dry lips.  Wait 10 seconds or so for the colour to change.  Re-apply if more depth of colour is required, however, I find one coat is usually sufficient for most skin types.  L’PAIGE CHANGEABLES are particularly popular as they don’t feather or bleed into any fine lines around the lips.


Wear a CHANGEABLE lipstick on its own or as a base for one of our DESIGNER COLOURS.  I often wear a pale colour such as No. 56 “Summer Frost”, No. 38 “Champagne” or No. 2 “Grape Ice” over a CHANGEABLE which will give a lighter shade and extra moisture.


Wear a L’PAIGE LIP GLOSS over a CHANGEABLE for a pretty effect. A suggestion for evening wear is BLUE CHANGEABLE with COLOURLESS PINK GLOSS over the top.  L’PAIGE LIP GLOSS contains Vitamin E and Jojoba – beautifully moisturising.  Choose from our range of four super shiny LIP GLOSS colours:


LG001                   Plum Radiance                   Rich depth of colour

LG002                   Rose Blaze                        Quiet peach tones

LG003                   Colourless Pink                  Basically a clear gloss

LG004                   Ho Hum                           Soft pearly shimmer

LG005                   Candy                              A slight  hint of peach