Our lipsticks  stay on and are comfortable to wear

I only wear L'Paige Lipstick.  The price is spot-on and there's a range of fabulous colours.  I used to suffer a lot from cold-sores and dry, cracked lips.  No longer.  The way L'Paige makes my lips feel is amazing.  It stays on longer than any other lipstick I have worn and I like the fact that it contains natural ingredients and aloe vera.  Even after eating a hot meal I may lose a little of the top glossy coat but the base colour still remains.  I can dine out with confidence now, thanks to L'Paige.   More importantly though, my lips remain cold-sore free and are no longer cracked and dry.  I wear L'Paige Lipstick every day because their range even contains a clear one for those days when you just want to be make-up free.  It is so moist, it protects my lips and makes them feel great, just like the coloured ones.  I can't imagine life without my L'Paige Lipsticks now.

Jacky Ryan. Roma, Qld.

L'Paige lipsticks are nice and moist and they don't feather and bleed into the fine lines around the mouth.  The price - $21.95 per tube - is most affordable and I sell a good deal of the lipsticks in my shop "Pure and Simple Homewares".  The lipsticks last extremely well and I don't need to re-apply as often as I would with other brands.  I wear the Black Changeable often and my little grandson calls it "Nanna's magic lipstick".

Linda, "Pure and Simple Homewares", Highfields, Qld.

I had a problem around my lips until I started wearing L'Paige Lipstick.  I now wear nothing but L'Paige lipsticks and lip liners.  It is a really moist and comfortable lipstick and I love it.

Vonda, Healthy Life, East Devonport, Tas.

I wear L'Paige Lipstick and as I am constantly dealing with store customers I am most impressed at how well it lasts and how moisturising it is.  I particularly like No. 45 "Icy Mauve".

Kathryn, Healthy Life, East Devonport, Tas.


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